Frequentl Asked Questions

We are able to display them on the web because Instagram has made their API available to the public. This means that Instagram allows third-party websites like us who offer Instagram users various services to access Instagram's basic (and public) data.The data includes information like photos, comments, and likes, to name a few.We can only display public information that you, as an Instagram user, have agreed to make public.We do not store the data in our system, modify or permanently remove it.(One way to understand API is by comparing it to a set of building blocks. When it is open to the public, it becomes accessible by the world, allowing other programmers to build upon it. What they build can offer users more options or an enhanced experience.)

If you do not want to show your profile and photos on TRENDS-ON and google, please login and set display mode to Private, it will be show on other websites if you do not set the mode to private. This request may take some time for Google to re-index and remove the images, even if you already deleted your account. To delete your photos from the Google soonest, please click here to carry out this deletion request.